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The Giant and the Witch - Audiobook

The Giant and the Witch - Audiobook

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🗣 Narrated by Annalyse McCoy 🎧

After Shay and I moved into Valen’s place, I thought I could finally get a well-deserved break from the madness of this city and spend some quality—naked—time with my giant.

But when someone finds an emaciated body in Valen’s restaurant, I know I’ll never catch a break. And it gets worse.

More bodies turn up, and a Gray Council investigator starts snooping around The Twilight Hotel as well as Valen’s restaurant. The evidence points to my giant, but if Valen is found guilty of these murders, he’ll get a one-way ticket to the paranormal prison. And I’ll never see him again. Ever. I’m not about to let that happen.

Then the unthinkable occurs. While I’m trying to clear Valen’s name, someone I care about is wounded by an old enemy and takes a turn for the worse.

As the clues start to fit together, I realize I must defeat this old nemesis to keep my loved ones safe—and find the real killer.

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